Ground Floor Gallery, Park Slope, Brooklyn

“Wonderland” Holiday Art Show Opening, November 21, 2014


(Click on images to enlarge.)    Mt. Beacon Park_573

June 21, 2013: Mt. Beacon Park, Beacon, NY  



June 12, 2013: Market Square, Beacon, NY


acHudson Beach Glass_829

June 2, 2013: Main & Cross, Beacon, NY


Electric Windows_580

June 21, 2013: Electric Windows, Beacon, NY


The Harmony between Today and Tomorrow_611

June 21, 2013: Main Street, Beacon, NY


Curlz_489June 20, 2013: Main Street, Beacon, NY


Sunrise over Mt. Beacon_601

June 21, 2013: Sunrise over Mt. Beacon, Beacon, NY


Howland Library_244

June 12, 2013: Howland Library, Beacon, NY


Main & N. Chestnut_605

June 21, 2013: Main & N. Chestnut, Beacon, NY


Thin Thread_461

June 20, 2013: By a Thin Thread, Beacon, NY



June 12, 2013: Main Street Assault, Beacon, NY